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Future Undergraduates

If you would like to become a Geology major, please stop by the Geology Office in Geology 205 and speak with Ellen Imler (435-797-1273).

undergrads using water table

Geology is a major for students who

  • love being outdoors
  • want to learn about their surroundings
  • are interested in helping discover, manage, and conserve natural resources
  • enjoy thinking at grand scales and beyond the scope of human histories

Geology majors study

  • not only rocks, but dirt, water, landscapes, rivers, paleoclimate, earthquakes, ancient life, and more
  • how to apply physics, chemistry, biology, and computation to answer questions about our planet

Geology graduates get jobs in

  • petroleum, mineral, and hydrothermal exploration and development
  • water resources and environmental engineering
  • the awesome roles of secondary and higher education teachers
  • land management and research agencies in government

Geology degree options

The Geology BS is the primary degree pursued by the majority of our undergraduates. This best prepares them for employment in the geosciences or graduate school. The following links lead to degree options offered by the Department of Geology:

           Geology - BA, BS

                     Applied Environmental Geoscience Emphasis
                     Geoarchaeology Emphasis
                     Hydrogeology-Engineering Emphasis
           Geology Earth Science (Composite Teaching) - BA, BS
           Geology Minor


General Education breadth requirements are intended to introduce students to the nature, history, and methods of different disciplines; and to help students understand the cultural, historical, and natural contexts shaping the human experience. Breadth courses also focus on the important cultural, socio-economic, scientific, and technological issues of today’s global community. Along with the General Education breadth requirements, depth courses are designed to assist students in achieving the Citizen Scholar Objectives. The Department of Geology supports these goals and encourages students to select General Education courses based upon their interests. The following General Education courses are suggested, but by no means required, for Geology Majors. Ideally, these breadth, depth, and quantitative literacy courses will be taken early in a student’s educational career.

Breadth American Institutions (BAI) - USU or HONR 1300; ECN 1500; POLS 1100
Breadth Creative Arts (BCA) - USU or HONR 1330; ID 1750; LAEP 1030
Breadth Humanities (BHU) - USU or HONR 1320; PHIL 1250; CMST 1020
Breadth Life ScienceS (BLS) - USU or HONR 1350; ANTH 1020; WATS 1200; WILD 2200
Breadth Social Sciences (BSS) - ANTH 2330; ENVS 2340; NR 1010
Depth Humanities and Creative Arts (DHA) - USU or HONR 3071; USU or HONR 3072; HIST 3950; PHIL 3510; PHIL 4310
Depth Social Sciences (DSS0 - ANTH 3300; ANTH 3360; APEC 3012; MGT 3110; POLS 4820
Quantitative Literacy (QL) – MATH 1050, STAT 1040, MATH 1110, MATH 1210, MATH 1220, STAT 2300