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Mission of the USU Department of Geology

Contribute to the development of professional geoscientists and educators by providing a student-centered learning environment, challenging instruction and research opportunities

  • Emphasize high quality research and teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Continue to recruit and reward faculty who are gifted educators and researchers
  • Encourage and support research by undergraduate and graduate students
  • Integrate field-based geology with analytical techniques

Contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in the geosciences through both foundational and applied research

  • Increase the level of research funding to drive our research engine and attract the brightest and best graduate students
  • Improve our research facilities through the acquisition of cutting-edge instrumentation
  • Maintain our laboratories and instrumentation to enhance the research mission

Provide courses for the general undergraduate population and cognate courses for related programs such as archaeology, civil & environmental engineering, natural resources, physics, science education and soil sciences

  • Continue our commitment to the University’s General Education Requirements and the liberal education of students
  • Remain responsive to the cognate needs of other University departments

Promote an understanding of the geosciences among the general public and educate the public with respect to the role of geoscience in everyday life

  • Provide geoscience education statewide, including through the utilization of distance-delivery and online instruction
  • Conduct geoscience outreach to the community and K-12 schools
  • Develop museum-based opportunities for the public