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USU Department of Geology Speaker Series

USU Department of Geology Speaker Series

The USU Department of Geology Speaker Series is presented on Mondays at 3:30 pm in Geology 105, unless otherwise indicated.
Refreshments will be served.
Questions should be e-mailed to
Ravi Kanda at

 USU Department of Geology Speaker Series Spring 2017

01/30 ~ Student Project Reports

02/06 ~ Megumi Chikamoto, University of Hawai'i/Utah State University: Global Climate, Carbon, and Biogeochemical Cycles

02/13 ~ Karl Wegmann, North Carolina State University: Geomorphology, Active Tectonics

02/20 ~ No seminar – Presidents' Day

02/27 ~ Steve Voelker, Utah State University: Dendroclimatology

03/06 ~ No seminar – Spring Break

03/13-14 ~ CRAIG FORSTER LECTURE SERIES: Kate Huntington, University of Washington; Paleotectonics, Paleoclimate, Geocronology

03/20 ~ John Rice, Utah State University: Geotechnical Engineering, Slope Stability, Landslides

03/27 ~ Dennis Newell, Utah State University: Low Temperature and Stale Isotope Geochemistry

04/03 ~ James Hagadorn, Denver Natural History Museum: Sedimentology and Tratigraphy; Mass-extinctions

04/10 ~ No seminar – Advisory Board Meeting Week

04/17 ~ Susanne Janecke, Utah State University: Structural Geology, Field Mapping and Analysis

04/24 ~ No seminar – No-test Week

05/01 ~ No seminar – Final Examinations


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