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Tectonics & Solid Earth Processes

Geophysics, Deformation Processes, High-Temperature Geochemistry, Petrology, Regional Tectonics, Structural Geology


Hematite on fault surface.
Image by Alexis K. Ault


Research in structural geology and regional tectonics includes the examination of the mechanical and chemical evolution of fault zones; the structural and tectonic development of extensional structures in the Great Basin; the development of fold-and-thrust structures in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah; and the characterization of fluid-flow properties in fractured crystalline and deformed sedimentary rocks.

Research in geophysics/geodynamics includes GPS geodetic measurement and modeling of rifting, orogeny, slow fault slip events, earthquakes and postseismic deformation; geophysical inversion and imaging of subsurface properties using combinations of seismic, gravity, elevation and heat flow data; and regional- to continental-scale mapping of lithospheric strength and rheological properties.

Research in igneous petrology and geochemistry focuses on the origin and evolution of magmatic systems, oceanic lithosphere, collisional orogens, and convergent margin systems. These efforts use field relations, phase chemistry, and whole rock geochemistry to decipher these systems, and their relationship to the tectonic and geochemical evolution of the Earth.

Tony Lowry

Tony Lowry with GPS receiver in Wellsville Canyon, UT.
Image by Tony Lowry

Geology Faculty

Alexis AultAlexis Ault
Geochronology, Thermochronology, Tectonics

Kelly BradburyKelly Bradbury
Structural Geology, Mining Geology

Jim EvansJim Evans
Rock Mechanics, Deformation

Susanne JäneckeSusanne Jänecke
Structural Geology, Tectonics

Ravi KandaRavi Kanda
Geophysics, Hazards

Tony LowryTony Lowry
Geophysics, Geodynamics

Dennis NewellDennis Newell
Low-Temperature Geochemistry

John ShervaisJohn Shervais
Igneous Petrology, High-Temperature Geochemistry


Adjunct Faculty

Mary HubbardMary Hubbard
Stuctural Geology, Tectonics

Paul LinkPaul Link
Sedimentology, Tectonics

Adolph YonkeeW. Adolph Yonkee
Structural Geology 

Shoshone Flow

Ropey pahoehoe, Shoshone Flow, Snake River Plain, ID.
Image by John W. Shervais

Lake Sediment

Lake sediments (diatomites) below CJ Strike Pillow Dam, Snake River Plain, ID.
Image by John W. Shervais

Recommended Geology Graduate Courses in Tectonics and Solid Earth Processes

SR Drilling Project

Project Hotspot - Snake River Plain Scientific Drilling Project.
Image by John W. Shervais