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Hydrology & Low-Temperature Geochemistry

Geochemistry, Geothermal Energy, Groundwater, Groundwater Remediation


Research activity in hydrogeology includes wellhead protection in confined to semi-confined aquifers, the relationships between stream losses and water table depths, the identification and geochemical characterization of groundwater recharge to surface streams and groundwater remediation. Research in low-temperature geochemistry includes fluid-rock interactions in tectonically-active areas, environmental and energy geoscience problems, such as unconventional fuels, geothermal energy, nuclear waste and geologic sequestration of CO2.

Spring, Kyrgzstan

Spring, Tien Shan Mtns., Kyrgzstan.
Image by Marli Bryant Miller

Mammoth Hot Springs

Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone National Park.
Image by W. David Liddell

Geology Faculty

Dennis Newell

Dennis Newell
Geothermal, Low-Temperature Geochemistry

Tom LachmarTom Lachmar

Adjunct Faculty

Bill Doucette

Bill Doucette
Geochemistry, Remediation

Jagath KaluarachchiJagath Kaluarachchi
Modeling, Subsurface Flow, Solute Transport

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