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Geomorphology & Surface Processes

Geochronology, Landscape Evolution, Neotectonics, Paleoclimatology, Quaternary Geology

Colorado River

Field work on the Colorado River.
Image by Joel L. Pederson

Colorado River Terraces

Surveying Colorado River Terraces near Moab, UT.
Image by Joel L. Pederson


Geomorphology & Surface Processes research includes the study of climate, tectonic, and anthropogenic controls on landscape change, erosion, and sedimentation. Specific projects include landscape evolution of the Colorado Plateau and Grand Canyon, dating of archeological sites in Canyonlands, arroyo formation, dendrochronology and paleoclimate and the history of Lake Bonneville.

"Holy Ghost" Pictograph

"Holy Ghost" pictograph panel in Horseshoe Canyon, Canyonlands National Park.
Image by Joel L. Pederson

Geology Faculty

Tammy Rittenour

Tammy M. Rittenour
Geomorphology, Paleoclimatology

Joel Pederson

Joel L. Pederson
Process Geomorphology, Landscape Evolution

Bob Oaks

Robert Q. Oaks
Quaternary Geology

Susanne Jänecke

Susanne U. Jänecke
Quaternary Geology

Adjunct Faculty

Patrick Belmont

Patrick Belmont
Watershed Hydrology

Recommended Geology Graduate Courses in Geomorphology and Surface Processes

Sediments in Bonneville

Sediments deformed due to selsmic activity in Pleistocene Lake Bonneville deltaic deposits, Green Canyon, UT. Bob Oaks on right, student Dallas Nutt on left.
Image by W. David Liddell.