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Thomas A. Riemondy

Thomas A. RiemondyThomas A. Riemondy was born on February 28, 1958. He lived in Ogden, Utah from 1966-1968 and returned to Utah to enter the Utah State University undergraduate geology program in 1976. Thomas was killed during a canoe outing on the Snake River on April 12, 1978.

The Thomas A. Riemondy Memorial Scholarship

The Thomas A. Riemondy Memorial Scholarship was developed by Thomas's parents, Mary E. and Brigadeer General Augusts A. Riemondy to honor their son. It is awarded to a nonresident geology undergraduate student.

If you would like to contribute to the Thomas Riemondy Scholarship, you can send a check to the Department of Geology or you can go to the Utah State University secure on-line giving site. Please be sure to specify the Department of Geology and the fund that you would like your contribution to go to. Thank you very much!