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Kim R. Robeson

Kim R. RobesonKim R. Robeson was born on October 22, 1959. Kim worked in the field of mechanical engineering design in southern California. He received his undergraduate geology degree from California State University, San Bernadino in 1995. He then attended Utah State University where he received his MS degree in geology in 1998. Kim worked with Jim Evans on faults in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California for his MS thesis. Kim had started working as a research assistant at USU when he died accidentally in Logan on November 20, 1998. Kim loved geology. He left behind many friends in the Logan area.

The Kim R. Robeson Memorial Award

The Kim R. Robeson Memorial Award was developed in honor of Kim, by his advisor, Jim Evans and Susanne Jänecke.

The award provides support of non-class-related trips for graduate students, including trips organized by student groups, particularly to help with expenses related to thesis laboratory and field work.

Calls for proposals for this award will be made each fall and spring. There are separate application deadlines and a separate application form from the general scholarship deadlines and forms as a result.

Application form