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Giving to USU Geology

Thank you, USU Geology alumni and friends, for your generous and growing support! You have helped to improve teaching and learning opportunities for both students and faculty, and helped us to fulfill our mission of inspiring students to be lifelong contributors to the professions of geology. For example, because of your financial support and advice we have:

  • Provided many undergraduate and graduate students with scholarship assistance, including assistance with geology field camp, thesis research, and tuition
  • Created an undergraduate field assistant program that provides undergraduates with important field experience and assists graduate students in their research
  • Hosted excellent guest lecturers in our Geology Speaker Series
  • Constructed a world-class Optically-Stimulated-Luminescence (OSL) geochronology laboratory
  • Purchased an Inductively-Coupled-Plasma-Mass-Spectrometer (ICPMS)
  • Established a stable isotope laboratory
  • Created a Geology Museum
  • Are in the process of building the Donald W. Fiesinger Petrology laboratory

The Department of Geology at Utah State University has a number of scholarships that directly support undergraduate and graduate students. All of your gifts are extremely valuable for advancing our mission. For further information on giving to the department, please contact:

Jim Evans, Department of Geology    (435) 797-1267