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Geology Museum

Exhibits at the USU Geology Museum

MuseumThe Geology useum has exhibits of meteorites, rocks, minerals and fossils - including invertebrates, vertebrates and plants. The geology of Utah and the Logan area are emphasized. We also have excellent examples of fossils from the world famous Green River Formation in eastern Utah and southwester Wyoming.

Come see:

  • A meteorite that came from the interior of a shattered protoplanet.
  • A piece of banded iron formation that is 2.8 billion years old and from a time when the Earth lacked an oxygenated atmosphere.
  • A 50 million year old gar fish that is 3 feet long.
  • Ore samples from Utah mines.
  • 500 million year old trilobites
  • "Weird" rocks, like fulgurites that are "fossilized" lighting strikes.

USU Giving Page Please be sure to specify that you would like your contribution to go to the USU Geology Museum. Thank you very much!

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