Distinguished Lecturer Series
(The Distinguished Lecturer Series meets on Mondays at 3:30 pm in Geology Room 105 unless otherwise indicated*.  Refreshments will be served.  Questions should be emailed to
  Tammy Rittenour  (tammy.rittenour@usu.edu)

Fall 2013

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Aug 26:  

Departmental meet & greet
Sept 2: Chevron Recruitment talk
interviews Sept 3?4
Sept 9: ExxonMobil Recruitment talk
interviews Sept 10?11
Sept 12 (Thur): Anadarko Recruitment talk ?
interviews Sept 13
Sept 16: No Seminar (two recruiting presentations the previous week)
Sept 23: Zach Lundeen (University of Utah, Rio Tinto Center) "Bear River Range speleothems and climate records" z.lundeen@utah.edu
Sept 30: Gary Huckleberry (Tucson, AZ) "Laminated Flood Deposits as Late
Holocene Proxy Records for El Niño in North Coastal Peru" ghuck10
Oct 7: Jim Evans (USU) "What the frac: Hydraulic Fracturing and the Integrity of
Oct 14: Paul Inkenbrant (Utah Geological Survey) "Drinking water source protection in Utah: Science and controversy" paulinkenbrandt@utah.gov
Oct 21: David Pearson (Idaho State University) "Influence of pre?existing crustal
structure on thrust belt style, kinematics and shortening magnitude:
Northwestern Argentina" peardavi@isu.edu
Oct 28:  GSA week ? No seminar
Nov 4: Lauren Birgenheier (University of Utah) "Depositional model, sequence
stratigraphic framework and hydrocarbon potential of the Mancos Shale,
Uinta Basin" lbirgenheier@egi.utah.edu
Nov 11: Peter Mozley (New Mexico Tech) "Title?TBA" psmozley@gmail.com
Nov 18: Thanksgiving week? No seminar
Nov 25: Jeff Moore (University of Utah) "Title?TBA" jeff.moore@utah.edu
Dec 2:  Faye Geiger and Xiaofei Ma ? Thesis Progress Reports

All lectures are held at 3:30 on Mondays in Geology rm 105 unless stated otherwise
Refreshments will be provided

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