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USU Department of Geology Speaker Series

USU Department of Geology Speaker Series

The USU Department of Geology Speaker Series is presented on Mondays at 3:30 pm in Geology 105, unless otherwise indicated.
Refreshments will be served in the Donald W. Fiesinger Teaching Lab prior to each seminar.
Questions should be e-mailed to Kelly Bradbury at

USU Department of Geology Speaker Series Spring 2018
  8 JAN ~ Christopher Spencer, Western Australian School of Mines, Curtain University, Australia
                Melting Mud in the Mantle and Inheriting Zircon in Subduction Zones

22 JAN ~ Jeffrey Moore, University of Utah
                Dynamic Arches: Uncovering the Hidden Movements of Utah’s Iconic Landforms

29 JAN ~ Beth Pratt-Sitaula, Central Washington University, EarthScope Speaker
                EarthScope Science As a Springboard for Disaster Preparedness and Science Literacy

  5 FEB ~ Andrew Laskowski, Montana State University
                How Subduction Controlled Crustal Deformation to Build the Tibetan Plateau

12–13 FEB (Monday–Tuesday) ~ CRAIG FORSTER LECTURE SERIES * Christie Rowe, McGill University
                Monday, 12 February, 3:30pm: How Earthquakes Are Preserved in the Rock Record, and What the Rock Record Can Teach Us about                                                                  Earthquakes
Tuesday, 13 February, 9:00am: The 2011 M9.0 Tohoku (Japan) Earthquake: Insights from Drilling the Megathrust

21 FEB (Wednesday) ~ USU GEOLOGY: Student Progress Reports
                Ashley Provow, Brandt Scott, and Sarah Wigginton

26 FEB ~ Richard Heermance, California State University, Northridge

12 MAR ~ USU GEOLOGY: John Shervais

19 MAR ~ Steve Schulz, EOG Resources
                 Oil Industry Structural Geology

26 MAR ~ Frank Pazzaglia, Lehigh University
                 Geomorph/Active Tectonics

  2 APR ~ USU GEOLOGY: Ravi Kanda
                 Flat slab subduction – strong lithosphere

  9 APR ~ Mark Reagan
                 IODP Speaker Series

16 17 APR (Monday–Tuesday) ~ CRAIG FORSTER LECTURE SERIES * Jonathan Caine, US Geological Society
                 Fault, Fluids, Minerals

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